We want to make sure that you’re not limited only by the blocks that we’re providing to you. To adjust the design to your liking, we offer a html/css/js editor which allows you to add/remove/edit elements and attributes & compare the changes in no time. For basic changes you can use the GUI editor just as easy. In case something gets messed up, you can quickly undo these changes.

Many Free Blocks!

Of course we care about flexibility when setting up a landing page. So, instead of just providing whole templates, we decided to provide separate blocks for things like pricing, headers, testimonials, FAQs, CTAs and more! We made sure that those blocks will always fit together so the landing page converts well.

Test Your Responsiveness!

We are aware that a large percentage of visitors today come through links on social media. Such as facebook, reddit or twitter. Many of them are on tablets or smartphones. (e.g. when on commute). With just a few button clicks you can test the responsiveness of your landing page to make sure that it looks good on all devices.

Multiple Pages!

When you have a lot to show, usually, you don’t want to put all that information on one page but on seperate ones. Therefore, we give you the option to easily add/remove pages as you like.

Settings, SEO & more!

We care about conversion and marketing just as much as you do. We wanted to make the setup as easy and intuitive as possible. The settings window contains everything you need. Integrations of marketing tools, SEO editing, domain setup and even external scripts.