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Website Customization

We want to make sure that editing your website is easy and fast. 

Also if you have basic skills in HTML/CSS, you can edit the code inside the editor as we don't want to limit your creativity.


Fast Website Load Times

Fast load times play a huge role in website conversions. Versoly websites are hosted on AWS and built with performance in mind. 

Design Blocks

Design Blocks

We want to offer you as many variations as possible so you can find your perfect combination to put together your website quickly!

Versoly's page builder made it easy for us to put up a clean marketing site for our SaaS business. The best practices & inspiration it provides for each design block is perfect and allows you to learn from the best SaaS companies out there.

Shuhaid Lambe

Shuhaid Lambe





Block based

Versoly templates are built with blocks, that means you can add and swap blocks to give your landing page a custom feel while using a template.


Fully Responsive

All blocks are built with responsiveness in mind, so your landing page will look great on phones, tablets and laptops.



Use forms to collect emails and messages from your visitors. You can send to your email, connect to Zapier or save to Versoly.



We know that users will want to edit their HTML. Other landing page builders make this impossible. However with Versoly just activate Pro Mode and you can make changes quickly.


SEO Editor

SEO is important, however it can be confusing to decide on what meta tags are needed. We built an SEO editor that allows you to quickly add the needed meta tags while we handle the rest.


Blogging CMS

Building a blog with Versoly is easy. We have templates that are fast, SEO optimised and have built-in email forms and CTAs.

A website builder that grows with your SaaS

Your company is constantly evolving and the tools you use need to do the same.



Easily build a landing page and start collecting emails in under 30 minutes.


Email Lists

Zero Maintenance

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Build a marketing site that converts without needing to hire developers or designers.


Multiple Pages

99.9% Uptime

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Start ranking on Google with your website using our built-in SEO tools and blogging CMS.

SEO Tools



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Versoly is built to make these people happy.

SaaS Founders

Websites are meant to be changed often, sections added and removed, copywriting adapted to new learnings from customers and new technologies integrated.

Versoly eliminates the fears that come with updating your website such as hiring designers for new sections and developers to make sure the site is still fast.

SaaS Marketers

The role of the marketer has changed, before you could get away with having one particular niche skill. Now you have to be a copywriter, designer and developer all in one.

Versoly can help with that, we have prebuilt blocks that are designed beautifully and guides to help you write the best copy to convert visitors to customers.

Ready to start converting more?

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