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Basics - Beginner

The table element comes with default classes that can be extended to easily create great looking tables. These include classes such as `table-hover` for hover effect on rows and `table-sm` to reduce the padding and text size.

                <table class="table table-hover table-sm">
            <td>Bret "The Hitman" Hart</td>
            <td>Calgary, AB</td>
            <td>Stone Cold Steve Austin</td>
            <td>Austin, TX</td>
            <td>Stone Cold Stunner</td>
            <td>Randy Savage</td>
            <td>Sarasota, FL</td>
            <td>Elbow Drop</td>
            <td>Boulder, CO</td>
            <td>Vader Bomb</td>
            <td>Razor Ramon</td>
            <td>Chuluota, FL</td>
            <td>Razor's Edge</td>