Keyboard shortcuts in Versoly

Use keyboard shortcuts in Versoly to make your workflow as efficient as possible.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + / allows you to quickly view all of the shortcuts in the visual editor.

Ctrl + K allows you to open up the command palette and search shortcuts and commands.

You can also access this panel by clicking the Versoly icon in top left of the visual editor and then selecting Shortcuts.

Shortcut Categories

The shortcut categories include:



Open Command Palette

Open Shortcuts

Preview Page

Element Panel

Element Options Panel

Show/Hide Elements Panel

Dock/Undock Elements Panel

Animations Panel

Style Panel

Element Selection

Select Element Above

Select Child Element

Select Parent Element

Select Element Below

Move Elements

Moves element before sibling element within current parent

Moves element after sibling element within current parent


Highlighted text to underlined

Highlighted text to italic

Highlighted text to bold


Open Navigator Panel

Open Page Panel

Component Settings

Open Theme Panel

Open Collection Panel

Open Style Guide Panel

Site Collection Settings

Open Add Elements

Open Component Panel

Open Block Panel

Site Settings

Open Code Editor

Class Manager Panel

Page Settings

Element Class Names

Mini Class Names

Copy Class Names

Paste Class Names

Cut Class Names

Paste Animation Class Names

Focus Class Names

Element Editing


Edit Icon

Paste Element

Copy Element


Edit Image

Duplicate Element

Edit Element

Delete Element

Visual Editor

Preview in Visual Editor

Device View

Canvas Mode (Open)

Change Mode

Toggle Element

Animate Section

Animate Element

Hide Section

Element Wrap

Wrap Element

Unwrap Elements

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