Maintainable Component Classes

Stand on the shoulders of giants and leverage 10+ years of Bootstrap's best practices for easier onboarding and faster website building.

Tailwind CSS

<a class="inline-flex flex-wrap
items-center justify-center text-center
cursor-pointer select-none border
transition duration-200 ease-in-out
flex-shrink-0 font-semibold py-2 px-4
rounded-md disabled:opacity-80
focus:outline-none focus:ring-2
focus:ring-opacity-50 hover:no-underline
bg-blue-600 text-white
py-3 px-5 text-lg">Button</a>

Versoly UI

<a class="btn btn-primary btn-lg">Button</a>

More than just components

Versoly UI is a minimal design system that helps speed up development

12 Column Layout Grid

Designers and developers both understand Bootstrap's grid and it has become industry standard.


Customize components with simple class based componets to match your design system.

Low Specificity

Versoly UI has low specificity components and doesn't require using !important to make changes.

Looking to create a Versoly UI theme?

Versoly is a low code platform that allows you to easily create and export a Versoly UI theme to extend Tailwind.

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