New updates and improvements to Versoly.

March 1, 2024

Versoly Playground

We've introduced a new Playground Mode that allows you to experiment with your website projects in a secure, shareable environment.

With Playground Mode, you can:


You can easily share the Playground URL with freelancers, team members, or anyone else you want to collaborate with. No sign-up or account creation is required for them to access and view your project in Playground Mode.


Playground Mode provides a perfect environment for debugging and troubleshooting your website projects. You can make changes, test different scenarios, and experiment without affecting your live website.

With Playground Mode, you can freely explore new ideas, collaborate seamlessly, and ensure your website projects are thoroughly tested before going live.

Secure mode

Creates a secure URL that only those who are given the link to can access. This can be reset if required.

Fixed URL

A fixed URL is useful if you're creating a project where you want anyone to be able to access it easily. It can be disabled.


  • Add, view and edit pages
  • Add, view and edit collections
  • Add, view and edit collection items
  • View forms & form scripts
  • Access code editor
  • View on-page SEO panel