Easy to Use

We show you the most important analytics without needing to click around.

Easily see page views, referrers, countries, screen sizes and goals.


No Visitor Data Missed

25% - 40% of your visitor data is missing due to ad block.

By handling your website and analytics we are able to collect more data than other analytics platforms without any extra work.


Track Conversion Rates

Add an event to a button or link on any landing page in 1 click.

Easily track how well each landing page is converting by looking at the analytics page.


Simple Analytics

Check your page views, referrers, countries and screen sizes all on one page.

Easily filter by dates to compare different time periods.

Lightweight Script

Our analytics script is tiny and loads fast to give you the most accurate data.

Your website will also load faster as the script doesn't delay loading.

One Click Install

Easily install analytics on any landing page or website with just one click from the UI.

No need to contact your developer or copy scripts into the head.


Versoly Analytics allows you to drill down into the data with 1 or 2 clicks to see what pages and traffic convert the best.

Track Events

Add events to buttons and links to track conversion rates for each landing page.

Email Reports

Keep track of your analytics with daily and weekly reports with key information.

Frequently asked questions

Why don't I just use Google Analytics?

Google analytics has become way to complex and bloated.

Ad blocks also mean that 25% to 40% of visitor data isn't collected. This can be higher for certain communities such as developers and designers.

How hard is it to setup?

As Versoly hosts your website and analytics you can enable analytics in 1 click.

This also makes adding events easy, you just type in the event name you want into the UI and it will automatically start tracking it.

Are there any limits on websites and page views?

Websites and page view limits are based on the plan you're on. Go to pricing to check the page view limits.

What happens if I go over my plan limit?

We won't punish you for doing well. However if you're over your limit for 2 months in a row we will kindly email you asking for you to upgrade to the next plan.