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We looked at the best SaaS blogs and noticed a few trends that we have built into our blogging CMS such as popular posts and easy way to collect emails.


Fast page speed

Having a fast website isn't a nice to have. It affects your google ranking and how many visitors bounce.


SEO Optimised

Easily add and change your blogs titles, descriptions and metatags that are used for Facebook and Twitter.

Versoly's page builder made it easy for us to put up a clean marketing site for our SaaS business. The best practices & inspiration it provides for each design block is perfect and allows you to learn from the best SaaS companies out there.

Shuhaid Lambe



Rich Text Editor

Quickly add dynamic content such as headers, images and videos in a simple to use rich text editor.

Custom Editor

Create completely custom posts with our HTML page builder and then import that custom code into your blog post.  

Search engine optimisation

Each blog is SEO optimised, uses semantic markup, creates XML sitemaps and can be fully customised.

Custom Domains 

Easily add a blog to an existing website or create a new blog on a subdomain.

Fully managed service

We host your blog on Amazon Web Services and handle all updates, so you can worry about what moves the needle.

HTTPS and Security

We use SSL by default and all our blogs are static making them more secure.

Consistent Design

Blogs import the style of the marketing website so your site and blog look the same.

Automatic backups

All blogs are backed up on our databases and on AWS S3. So never worry about losing your work.

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