Easily add and update your careers portal

Use a pre-built careers portal to get started and then customize it to fit your needs.

Versoly's easy to use CMS will allow you to quickly add new careers pages for each job.


On-brand Careers Portal

Versoly's careers portals use the fonts, colors, navbar and footer from your existing website.

This allows you to create your knowledge base quicker and make sure that it is always update with your brand.


Mobile responsive and fast loading careers pages

In a 2014 study by Glassdoor 39% of candidates were likely to visit a mobile careers pages.

A slow loading careers portal will result in great candidates bouncing.


Built for collaboration

Invite members from each department to your careers portal so they can personalize their roles.

Easy to manage

Use blocks to keep content in sync on all pages. Fonts, colors and navbar are automatically synced as well.

Custom landing pages

Create custom landing pages for events, universities and locations.

Draft publishing

Draft mode allows you to edit articles and only publish when they're ready.

Built-in SSL

All knowledge bases include SSL for free to maximise security and give customers piece of mind.


Versoly's page builder made it easy for us to put up a clean marketing site for our SaaS business. The best practices & inspiration it provides for each design block is perfect and allows you to learn from the best SaaS companies out there.

Shuhaid Lambe

Co-founder @ Swipez