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How it Works

Build Tailwind CSS Pages Fast

Step 1 of 4

Select a Tailwind template

Pre-built templates include a complete UI kit with over 50 components including buttons, cards and navbars.

Step 2 of 4

Choose your colors, fonts and components

Versoly includes a GUI to update your tailwind.config.js file quickly.

All Google fonts, Tailwind colors and multiple components are included. Changes can be previewed in real time in the UI.

Step 3 of 4

Create your page with blocks

Select from 300+ responsive blocks such as navbars, headers and FAQs that are grouped into categories.

Each block changes to match the colors and components of your website.

If you need a unique block, create it yourself quickly using layout blocks and elements.

Step 4 of 4

Download source code or publish with Versoly

Export clean code that can easily be added to any Tailwind CSS project.

Versoly hosts all customer websites on AWS using S3 and CloudFront for unbeatable page speed.

<section class="py-24 bg-primary-50 bg-gradient-to-br to-secondary-100 from-primary-100">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="row md:justify-center mb-10">
            <div class="col relative md:w-9/12 text-center lg:w-8/12">
                <h1 class="display-6 font-semibold text-gray-900">
                  All the features you need to build
                  <span class="d-inline-block inline-block bg-gradient-to-br from-primary to-secondary bg-clip-text text-transparent">faster</span>

Everything you need to build faster

Smart CMSs

  • Focus on building not data structures
  • Use code to create complex layouts
  • Pre-built CMS blocks & templates

Best Practices

    • Responsive sites with mobile first
    • Utility classes for less tech debt
    • Pseudo classes for maintainability

    Collaborate Easier

      • Publish pages to staging or production
      • Exportable config for styling websites
      • Anyone can create landing pages

      Advanced code editor built-in

      • Import, edit and export code
      • No more fighting the platform for advanced use cases
      • Leverage best practices from software development
      • Reusable global components
      • Shortcuts - Ctrl + F, replace all, multi select

      Style Guide & Design System

      • 15+ components (accordions, buttons and cards)
      • 100+ examples
      • Auto updating based on config file
      • Import/Export components and config file
      • Default colors, grid and typography style guides

      Fast loading pages

      • Statically generated
      • Hosted on AWS using S3 and served with CloudFront
      • Blocks & templates tested for page speed
      • Native JavaScript used for smaller file size
      • Scripts used to delay 3rd party JS loading

      Why use Versoly over custom code?

      Custom coded solutions like static site generators come with good benefits such as fast loading times, flexibility and a great developer experience.

      However it comes with high costs such as the initial build time, continuous maintenance and the inability for marketing to create new pages and layouts.

      Adding new CMS features such as blogging and knowledge base take away from building the core product and are reinventing the wheel.

      Sites created in Versoly load fast due to them being static. There is no site maintenance as they are automatically updated for you.

      Marketing can also create new pages and layouts with 300+ easy to use blocks. With new blocks being continuously added.

      The CMS is a core feature of Versoly and we handle SEO, search and smaller features like pagination, table of contents and email newsletter forms.

      You're in good company

      I've reviewed 100s of landing page and always recommend building in Versoly for its easy of use, powerful insights, speed and pricing.

      George H. Lewis

      Olly Meakings


      Roast My Landing Page

      As a non-technical founder of a SaaS business, I struggled to have a professionally looking website for my business without dishing out lots of money.

      With Versoly, I was able to achieve what big brands are able to do on a small budget.

      George H. Lewis

      Tarik Qahawish



      Versoly allows me to work so efficiently, I can quickly build good looking landing pages.

      The customer service is the best I've ever had from any company.

      George H. Lewis

      Paul Carl

      Digital Marketer

      Frequently asked questions

      Can I export the page created by Versoly?

      Yes, all pages created in Versoly can be exported as clean Tailwind CSS code.

      Do I need to know how to code?

      Versoly has a no-code and designer mode GUI that allows someone with no experience of CSS or Tailwind CSS to create pages quickly.

      Is this a free Tailwind CSS page builder/editor?

      Yes, you can start with the free version and because of the built-in code editor you can import and export Tailwind code.

      Upgrading is only required if you need more than 3 pages a site or want to host your site with Versoly.

      Can Versoly host my Tailwind CSS website?

      Yes, we offer hosting in all our plans.

      If you want to use Tailwind CSS and need a website builder for your clients or company, Versoly is the best solution as non technical customers can make changes without relying on a developer.

      What is Versoly UI?

      Versoly UI is an open source Tailwind CSS component library and UI kit with JavaScript included to help build maintainable websites faster.

      When building websites we noticed that 15 components are often used, and instead of starting from scratch it would be better to combine best practices into an easy to use component library.

      Can Versoly build Tailwind CSS dashboards?

      Yes, Versoly gives you all the tools needed to build out dashboards. This can replace the need for Figma and other design tools.

      Designers can use Versoly to create prototypes and hand off clean Tailwind code to developers without the need for constant back and forth.

      Is Versoly a Tailwind CSS WYSIWYG editor?

      Yes, you can make changes to the text, content and styling using the editor without needing to code.