Tailwind Experts

A curated list of Tailwind CSS creators, open source developers and educators.

Adam Wathan

A full-stack developer and entrepreneur. I share everything I know about making awesome software through my articles, talks, screencasts, podcast, and courses.

Alexandru Ţurcanu

On a journey to create best in class appsbest in class apps, obsessed with designing fluid interfaces, and perfectionist at heart.

Amrit Nagi

Fan of 🎨 Design, 💻 Technology, ⚽ LFC and 🏉 Seahawks.

Domingo Martin

Prolific maker of indie and side projects.

Javis V. Pérez

Another coder in the world.

Khatab Wedaa

Web designer & developer.

Marcel Pociot

Creating awesome tools for developers. I tweet about my journey in product development for Laravel and Tailwind developers.

Mark Meed

I'm a Web Developer working at Neon Digital and GetCandy. I'm currently working on two open source projects for Tailwind CSS developers.

Mert Cukuren

I'm interested in scalable design and UI systems.

Michael Andreuzza

A self taught UI/UX designer with front end skills. You will mostly find me freelancing or building my own products.

Sergej Samsonenko

Shaping the Future today - UI / UX / Frontend / AI

Simeon Griggs

Relentless positivity and genuine enthusiasm | Solution Engineer @sanity_io

Steve Schoger

Designer & Partner @tailwindlabs

Volkan Kaya

Tailwind maximalist and creator of the first Tailwind website builder and CMS.

Zoltán Szőgyényi

Open-source contributor and advocate.