Why host your website with Versoly?

Green Hosting

All sites hosted on Versoly are static, that means that with only a small amount of servers we can host 10,000's of websites.

Whereas WordPress can only host a few websites per server.


We're using AWS for our hosting and they're continuously improving the sustainability of their cloud.

1% for Climate

We're donating 1% of profits to Stripe Climate who will use those funds to remove carbon from the atmosphere with a world class team.

Energy Usage of WordPress

Every self-hosted WordPress website uses 120w, 10 servers are equal 1 average household (10,000 kWh per year).

Green Hosting without Sacrifice

We believe that green solutions can and should be better than their alternatives.

Versoly sites load faster than WordPress, while also having native plugins for SEO to drive more traffic. Which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Create Green Websites

Build a faster website that converts more while being better for the environment.

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