Versoly UI - Tailwind CSS component library

Get started with the most productive Tailwind CSS component library.


Versoly UI is an open source Tailwind CSS component library and UI kit with JavaScript included to help build maintainable websites faster.

It leverages the 10+ years of learnings from Bootstrap to create the minimal components needed to build most websites. Using Bootstrap like components also improves onboarding for developers and designers.

Why Versoly UI?

There are no other Tailwind component libraries that solves the problem Bootstrap does. Easily being able to add components such as buttons, dropdowns and tables with a few simple classes.

Versoly UI also includes default animations for interactive components such as accordions, dropdowns and modals.

The goal of this library is to speed development up without lowering the flexibility of Tailwind CSS. Unlike Bootstrap you will never have to use !important when extending components. This makes the developer experience much smoother with less Googling.