Setting up your changelog

Explanation of how the changelog is structured and how to use the settings.

Creating your changelog

In the left side bar of the editor select CMS. It will show a list of all CMS collections you can create. Select Changelog to create one.

Understanding changelog settings

The Collection tab defines the general settings.

Slug: The slug will be the endpoint for your changelog and will be used to access the changelog.

Example: where the bold text is the slug.

Navigation Bar Block, Header Block and Footer Block: These options are used if you want to use your global blocks for your Changelog.

An example would be your footer of your Landing Page that contains a Newsletter sign up form and you want it to be also on your changelog.

The Item tab defines the general settings for each article.

If you website is hosted with Versoly all you need to add is embed-changelog to the class of the link. Versoly will automatically add the extra script required.

If your website is hosted on another platform add embed-changelog to the class of the link. Then add the script

<script src=""></script>

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